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Apr 7, 2021
Steam Username: Mythological Horrors
Steam ID:
Discord Username & ID: Mythological Horrors#1269

Vortigaunt Name: Mort
Vortigaunt Age: 53

In your own words, describe the Vortessence: It can be best described as either an "honor code" of sorts and a "tapestry" used to gain unimaginable powers and abilities.
how how you interpret the difference between Vortigaunt RP and Human RP: Vortigaunts are slaves to the Combine. Forced to do manual labor for their masters while humans are free to do as they wish should it not interfere with the Combine's laws and regulations.
Provide your opinion on how your Vortigaunt would react to a fight between two resistance members: They would not attempt to do anything, unless they drag them into it. Merely going about their duties or possibly telling someone else about it so that person may deal with it.
Describe why you deserve/want a Vortigaunt character using your Vortigaunt's vocabulary: Zurr chaa-bim gaharra gaka’kih. After everything, I'm proud to serve.

Provide a backstory of your Vortigaunt:

Mort was raised in the Xen before coming to Earth and attacking the Combine out of fear they would kill their children. Eventually Mort would have gotten caught and enslaved by the Combine and, most, of their children slaughtered or sold to other cities for manual labor. Due to the slaughtering of their children they do not speak much, and when they do they speak in short sentences. Despite their hatred of the Combine they clearly have a sort of respect for them due to their ability to enslave so many of their kind.
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Perhaps it wasn't a waste of time after all.
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Aug 4, 2019
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Thank you for applying. While I understand your wanting to be a Vortigaunt, I am afraid that your current knowledge on the subject is considerably limited, as demonstrated by your application. Many answers are either wrong or extremely short; showing you did not spend much time on this.

For this reason, I am afraid that I will have to deny your application at this time. I recommend reading our Vortigaunt guides and even googling for more in order to extend your knowledge regarding them before re-applying, and spend more than ~10 minutes on the next application.
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