Non-Canon The Archives Conundrum

Davod Dren

Jan 28, 2021
(Beware, this is following off of a Non-canon post I made speaking about the backstory of the Old Partisan Republic)
(It was meant to be in this thread putting spot, but I'm lazy and I don't care enough! So beware, this is ALSO me trying to get the Republic to be in the Lore too!)
(Oh and the location of said Republic base is within a forest near the city of Nottingham)
(Link to the original Partisan Republic backstory is Here)

A story went untold, The Archives Conundrum.
A story of the last remaining survivor destroying the Archives of which the Old Republic kept its data.
Without it, the remnants could never be found. This by far, made for the perfect way to get some insight on this large group.
The UU sensed a large energy output recently, meaning someone had triggered the archives reboot sequence.
This ultimately lead to the same squadron that had took them out once before returning to the remnants of the ruined base.
All of the reason being to finish what they started.

11:45 GMT, Britain.
It's raining heavily, with it pattering on the roofs and on the ground, making the dirt around the area malleable and moist.
The squadron arrived near the HQ of the Old Partisan Republic where the Archives were kept. That's when they heard it.
A rustle of the old vines that crept over the ruins, and it was audible enough to know that it was NOT a bird.
This should've been a sign that they needed to leave, but they were stupid enough to enter without thinking twice.
They entered the building on full alert, searching every room, corner, and hallway they saw. Nothing was there apart from the ruined walls and long twisting vines.
Until... They came across the Main Archives, one of the only walls of pure rebellion information left on the planet.
Near it was the only working terminal in the entire building from an age far gone, so allegedly - The Certified Commander of the squadron accessed it.
They searched for the files of all major rebel leaders they could find, but... They were too late. Most of the Archives were already wiped, apart from one...
They searched for the file of someone who they thought was dead for sure. They searched their last name, and found the file still intact...
They read it, finding out some basic information on him, figuring out his potential was- Immeasurable at that.
It struck the hearts of many in the group by figuring it out, but one of them stood out. They were quite literally stuck through the heart, with a sharp weapon that is.
As they looked at him, they let their guard down for that one second. Before they knew it, another went down- along with a chunk of their own chest that was blown out.
Suddenly, a man leaped down from the balcony of the Archives room- as he landed, he had shot another. The only one left is the Commander...

No one knows what happened after that, apart from the entire Archives room- along with the backup room went up in flames as all of those bio-links went off in under a minute.
The whole building itself is fine, apart from the original damage dealt so long ago...
This was quite a myth by the sound of it, but who knows...- He might even be where you barely expect.
But that probably isn't true, as there is a slim chance that he's even in the same continent as you- let alone the same city.

(Thread is subject to change in the next few days if needed)
(I will say if I'm not going to edit it further!)

Davod Dren

Jan 28, 2021
Following this in the future, ill make a suggestion for some cities and locations of interest within the grounds of central and (somewhat) out of Britain too, just wanted this to be out there first

Davod dren


Perhaps it wasn't a waste of time after all.
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Is this supposed to be in the Lore Map Submissions sub-forum? This forum is for submissions for new locations in the map, and you only provided some sort of story.

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