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Feb 20, 2021
Steam Username: Ryaki
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:419613166
Discord Username & ID: Ryaki#9034

Vortigaunt Name: Xe'nia
Vortigaunt Age: 45

In your own words, describe the Vortessence: The Vortessence to me seems like a bond between the galaxy and the vortigaunt species, this giving them the powers they have and currently use as they progress. But as some of the kin are bound to shackles they cannot use it since that energy is taken by the device and the device functions by using that energy as a fueling system.

Show how you interpret the difference between Vortigaunt RP and Human RP: Vortigaunt roleplay has more access to how you would feel being more oppressed than the human species or any species out there, just giving you the feel of speciesism, vortigaunt roleplay also gives you the ability to feel the life of another kind during your time roleplaying. There are major differences in human roleplay and vortigaunt roleplay, those being the interaction with your character, the body shape of your character, how your character speaks, how much your character is aged and how you perform your actions, and your character's personality and behavior.

Provide your opinion on how your Vortigaunt would react to a fight between two resistance members: My vortigaunt would examine the situation thoroughly in a quite average expression to list the despair happening between both members, though my vortigaunt wouldn't intervene as it would also lead to possible injuries.

Describe why you deserve/want a Vortigaunt character using your Vortigaunt's vocabulary: This one seeks the hope the humans have, encouraging the freedom in the path of the dark times.. This one wishes to reconvene with the kin after such pretentious acts coming from the masked oness..

Provide a backstory of your Vortigaunt: Xe’nia was an average kinsman on the homeworld desired for the vortigaunt species, resulting in a better style of living especially for his kind. Though, as he grew up and cycled through life, the shells of gravity started to break, and a portal storm was seen above in the sky of his homeworld, not flat or circular, but dimensional. The portal storm released shocking waves that destroyed the nature and native architecture of the homeworld, therefore the air they breathe was depleting. After an occurrence, the tribal leaders made an agreement with something called “Nihilanth”, the Nihilanth transmitted that if their species got officially conquered by packs of controllers & other upper beings and set into Xen as workers, they would accept their safety from the other-worldly annihilation of their kind, and so the tribe leaders agreed. After long years of work, portals started popping out as strange phenomena were happening in a facility unknown to another kind, and vortigaunts were mainly sent out as an infantry unit, the species of Xen were transmitted that a considerable incident was happening, and there were options for each species, though Xe’nia decided to work in the facilities of Xen instead of wasting his life out to mankind. Though in a couple of hours, an encounter of an unknown but frequently seen species was reported in Xen and was heading to the facility, this is where vortigaunts were telepathically informed to proceed with caution and not attack unless the species attacked, this is when the "Human" attacked. The alarms were raised and the human began running out, though Xe’nia was not attacking as he had options between living or dying, so he continued off the working procedure. After a day had passed (Earth hours) chemicals passed through the portal, and the Nihilanth was announced dead by controllers. This is where Xen was now lawless, and the Combine had infiltrated Xen and headed to Earth. Now with all 3 species under war, the Vortigaunts had decided to give up on their shackles, in something called the "Seven Hour War", and flee to Earth. This is where vortigaunts were more unsafe than ever, and the majority of them were killed and executed by humans. Though the remaining ones near Combine outposts were captured and sent off-world, and newer type of shackles was placed on them, vortigaunts were being hit and killed if they hadn’t obeyed to the wrathful Combine, and so Xe’nia was one of them, Xe’nia was being hit for speaking about the freedom to other of his kin, and after 7 long hours of cleaning, doing work and being harassed and neglected, the war was officially announced as "over", and the Citadel had been sent on-world, civilians from countries being given blue outfits, that were dirty and manufactured very poorly, and vortigaunts were being sent in cities with dropships. This is where Xe’nia’s life had started as enslaved by the Union and proceeded with his average duties in City 8.
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