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Aug 10, 2019
Suggestion, and why it would be worth adding:
Though Duspende left Lancer, I believe that his suggestion regarding an improved and more complex nutrition system was very interesting, and would definitely lead to more roleplay of people trying to obtain specific nutrients, and would be interesting to see in general. Since we already have a hunger system and an attributes system, why not make it more interesting, and give regular citizens a way to improve their stats or at least negate penalties, without the use of pills?
I believe that this would make rebelRP more interesting, as they would have to search for ways to satisfy the needs for specific nutrients. Rebels would finally be actually undersupplied and malnourished, no longer able to effectively survive off of the occasional small jar of huel or ramen generated in item spawns.
This synergizes well with an improved attribute system. However, I will cover that in another suggestion.

The basic concept is this: keep the general hunger/thirst bar, which would be a representation of the person's satiation. It would work similarly to our current hunger bar, where starvation and dehydration inflict heavy penalties on stats, and (most importantly) maximum HP, or endurance. The hunger bar will no longer control your stamina, instead, the depletion of stamina will cause hunger to go down. The sugar nutrient will change your max stamina, and how quickly it regenerates. Any kind of food (hunger), alcohol, or liquids (thirst) will satisfy these bars. Additionally, a full hunger/thirst bar (or an over-satiation effect, or a hunger bar at "120%") will prevent you from eating any more consumables. This is to prevent people from eating large amounts of a single food item to satisfy all needs easily.
Additionally, add "Sugar", "Protein", "Minerals" and "Vitamins" bars. These wouldn't appear under your Health bar but would be permanently in the F1 menu.
The nutrient bars would go down much slower than hunger, and would be independent of the stamina bar, slowly decreasing at their own pace as time passes. A full bar of a nutrient will last for around 12 hours of play-time until it reaches 0.

The penalties for malnutrition would get more severe as the deficiency of each nutritional element increases, with penalties showing at ~40%. However, to counter this, characters would get minor attribute buffs for being well-nourished (~80% and above), such as a +2-5% to the stats which a certain nutritional element is responsible for.
Sugar deficiency would lower maximum stamina, and decrease the speed at which it regenerates.
Protein deficiency lowers strength and agility.
Mineral deficiency: lowered acrobatics,
Vitamin deficiency: minor penalty to all stats, especially to endurance.
Here is a list of all food items on Lancer, and what nutrients they (should) contain:

CP rations, massive increase to all nutrients
Small jar of huel, small increase to sugars, minerals and vitamins,
Jar of huel, medium increase to sugars, minerals and vitamins,
Flavored jar of huel, medium-high increase to all nutrients
Chocolate milk, massive increase to sugars, very minor increase to minerals and protein
Milk, very minor increase to all nutrients
Sparkling and flavored water, very minor increase to sugars, minerals and vitamins
Normal water, very minor increase to vitamins
Chocolate, medium increase to sugars, minor increase to vitamins
Chips and peanuts, minor increase to minerals and sugars
Bran flakes, minor increase to all stats,
Bread, minor increase to sugars, protein and minerals,
Cheese, medium-high increase to all nutrients
Eggs, medium increase to all nutrients
Potatoes, minor increase to sugars and vitamins
Cookies, medium increase to sugars and minerals
Melons, oranges, pears, bananas, apples, high increase to sugars, medium increase to vitamins and minerals
Lettuce and pickles, small increase to sugars, vitamins and minerals
Popcorn, medium increase to minerals, small increase to sugars
Ramen, high increase to minerals, small increase to vitamins and protein
Sandwiches, medium increase to all nutrients
Sardines, medium increase to all nutrients
Salmon, high increase to protein, medium increase to vitamins and minerals

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Perhaps it wasn't a waste of time after all.
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Aug 4, 2019
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While this sounds good in practice, I do not know how to feel about forcing people to eat specific foods. The current hunger system gives an incentive for people to look for food and purchase it from shops, but some find it annoying. It has a decent level of balance that I would not want to experiment with lightly. Not to mention, this would take an enormous amount of time to create and implement, in addition to the possible fps losses that it would cause as every single of your 'vitamins' would be calculated and altered every second (For comparison, now only two needs-related things are calculated - that is the hunger and the thirst. If this was added, it would be five, or even more things that would have to be calculated for every player every second, among all the other things that the server has to put power on).

Therefore, for the reasons stated above, this is Denied.
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