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Perhaps it wasn't a waste of time after all.
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Aug 4, 2019
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Hello everyone. After major consideration, we have seen fit to introduce a new team into the driving force of the server - the Lancer Networks Media Team, or simply the Media Team.

The Media Team will be responsible for carrying out a number of different tasks, including but not limited to creating media such as posters, poses, and more for future events that we will host, creating media for direct server applications such as propaganda posters, as well as creating music/sound-related content when needed, or even work with the Development Team regarding new server features.

In addition, we have created a brand new subforum inside the
Creative forum - the Media Team (Requests & Information) subforum. This new subforum will be dedicated to Media-Team-related matters - including a new 'request' system. If you need some sort of artwork for your character, a logo for your organization, or just a little assistance from someone more experienced, you may make a request here, and a member of the Media Team may help you out.

With this new branch of the overall Lancer Networks 'Team' we aim to elevate the quality of our visual style and narrative all-around, from events to posters, textures, and everything in-between. We wish to enhance our ability to capture everyone's memories of all the great times they are currently experiencing.

Media Developer applications are now open - if you wish to join the team, you may apply using the format
here. We are looking for anyone who is capable to create content classified as 'Media' - 3D modelers, Video Editors, Animators, Texture-Creators, SFM/Gmod posers, Voice Actors, Graphic Designers, Music/Sound Producers, Level Designers, and many more.

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  • Lancer Networks is a Community currently focused on their Half-Life 2 Roleplay, with their primary aim being to provide users with a fun and enjoyable roleplay experience and their secondary aim to revive the HL2RP gamemode and bring old and new players to the scene.

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