Dytmer Schmidt

Dec 5, 2020


Dytmer Schmidt
''I will do anything I must to survive.''

Aliases: 'Orange' 'Dyt'

Age: 25
Height: 184 cm
Weight: 70 kg
Language: German & English
Affiliation: Undecided

Physical description:
A Germanic male, he speaks with a typical german accent, his voice sounds like that of a true smoker. He still wears his old C/16 garments, from his previous city. He has a dirty looking full beard, and has a medium unmaintained hairstyle., He has baggy sleepless eyes and has a pack of UU-brand cigarettes sticking from his breast pocket, Likely from his previous city.

A few of Dytmers injuries are very clear. He walks with a slight limp, something about his leg doesn’t appear to have healed correctly, something got it good. Besides his leg, he also appears to have some kind of illness or problem with his lungs. Occasionally he coughs, and has a very raspy sound to his breathing.


Personal Faction thoughts:

''From what I've seen, scary looking soldiers. Imagine thinking you can even fight them.''
Civil Protection:
''they're not so bad after what I went through in Terminal 6.''
TA ''Wild dogs. unmonitored rogues. I'm not staying here to find out what they're going to get me for.''

''I better use the weak to my advantage, and befriend those in strong positions.''
Civil Workers Union: ''Look at these pretentious slimeballs walking around in their white shirts. But hey, if I had the opportunity to control a group of people I'd take it.''
Civil Medical Union: ''These guys think they know everything. They don't. But atleast I got to join them. Proves my point.''

Vortigaunts: ''Useful tools. I need to get my hands one of those.''
Resistance: ''They're not going to succeed. Look at their army. Best I can do is join up, live good and dip out as soon as it goes wrong.''


City 8

Dytmer got off the train in city 8 after spending most of his time in city 16. Getting used to a new place was not easy for him, Dytmer felt alone in an odd, culturally different city. Being one of the few Germans there. Dytmer initially only took a special interest in other Germans, as he was less skeptical of them and more likely to be friends with them. Dytmer also tried building report with other smokers. Hoping it’ll help him continue his own habit of doing so. Dytmer is also keen on befriending those of other cultures, but only does so if there's a benefit in it for himself. Dytmer was quick to cut ties with people he had a bad impression of.

Dytmer came off the train from City 16, rather poor. He didn't find the rations enough, and couldn't rely on others for anything. This prompted Dytmer to start running scams on fellow citizens, doing it a way that wouldn’t cause conflict, and it never would run into conflict due to his victims choices. Mainly he preyed on the elderly, people weaker than himself, new arrivals, or cultures that were in the minority in the region. This way he’d avoid consequence. If it did occur, he was prepared multiple ways however, doing anything to get out of the situation. It didn’t occur often though.

He had joined the People’s voice for a while, hoping for change, but the faction didn’t last long, and Dytmer left it behind him. Not soon after, the earthquake happened in city 8, prompting him to hide in a steel closet until the calamity was over. He survived the earthquake, but got stuck for a while. With much effort, Dytmer managed to get free at the last moment however, and ran as fast as he could to the train station, and managed to board the train, seconds before it departed.

Terminal 6
Dytmers time in Terminal 6 was hell on earth. After getting an initial idea of how it went in the city, going through the shower process and meeting the Transitional authority, he was convinced that he didn’t want to be here. He managed to keep his suitcase, in which he smuggled a load of potatoes from a farming location the People’s voice had, and left nothing behind of. He had spent the week in Terminal 6, He didn’t set much foot outside after choosing to stay hidden in an old sewage system. His time was very boring, but he kept his strength up by living off of that suitcase.

Dytmer realized that the situation of the city wasn't looking too good, a lot of people had gotten wounded and scarred from the earthquake, Terminal 6, and the cleaning the city up afterwards. Dytmer decided to abuse the situation. He insisted on becoming a CMU worker, and was allowed to join without fee due to the desperate demand of medical staff. He spent most of the time he was working in the clinic. He'd treat people that occasionally came in with flesh wound, but shrugged off patients with symptoms, telling them that they were experiencing those issues due to malnourishment. Dytmer kept raking in salary for a while, tried to feed himself as well as he could.

He liked getting praised for his ''Great work.'' even though he didn't truly care about being a doctor, he decided his Civic points should stay they way they were, but people were often getting in his way, trying to rat on things he had did in the past. When dytmer realized who was at threat of doing so, he blackmailed them, taking the statement he was likely to get ratted out with, and reversing it on them. Due to his status he figured it'd go well. And it did for a long time.

Dytmer dissappeared from the city without trace before winter arrived. No one is sure where he currently is, or if he's still alive a few speculate he was either murdered or imprisoned. This is not confirmed however, a body had never been found. There's the possibility of a transfer to another city, but something like that would've been more obvious. It could be that he escaped by either himself or with from the city to find something outside, but that would have been a challenging thing to do.

In the end his eventual lack of friends has just led to a mysterious dissapearance that can only be left up to speculation by those who knew him.
But due to his well-disguised, but rather extreme sociopathy he did pull through this life rather well, and something tells me he might just be fine.

May be continued...

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