A pretty decent guide to "Rebel RP" and what to expect

Davod Dren

Jan 28, 2021
If you're reading this then- you're either really bored or you need this guide.
To be honest, you're in luck! As I, one of the pretty decent Rebel RP'ers on the server have just the guide for you!

So anyways, you spawn near wherever the spawn is- What do you want to do first?
Well, if you're going rebel right off the bat you might want to tear up that relocation coupon and head to wherever the most rebels are-
That area will be marked as the "Rebel area" If you're a loyalist, you don't wanna go here- but as a rebel, its the perfect place to stay!
Now, I don't recommend going rebel right off the bat! Go do some work shifts first to get some money to buy rebellious items off of others.
The bare essentials to being fully kitted are:
A melee weapon of sorts (Pipe, Axe, Etc.)
A mask (Gasmask, Handkerchief, Etc.)
A radio (if you want to join a group, you may need this!)
Some food and water.
And finally, Common sense.

Once you have all these, you're basically set- Except, you don't need items to RP!
Most of the time in fights and such, you'll find yourself using your hands instead of a weapon. As per this and many other reasons, you don't need items to RP.
So please, don't be a script whore- or else you might pay the price of greed.

So anyways, you're set if you have these things or not. Now, you wanna plot some routes for each day- when you want to scavenge for supplies, of course.
You wanna get up nice and early- hop on the server before anyone else to see what treasures have spawned randomly overnight!
Now, you may not want to do this as it might effect you in real life. But for me, my time zone is GMT so I can just get up at 12 in the morning and get free stuff.
So anyways, you have your stuff- Now, eventually you want to join a group or have a few connections. I recommend asking around to see what options you have.
Now for obvious reasons I can't list any, so you'll have to do the heavy lifting yourself. But I'm sure you can do it, as many others have done it before you.

So that was really all there is to it, but if you want to learn about "Passive RP" and all that stuff, I recommend trying out another guide.
Some more things may be added in the future as I learn more myself, so you might want to check this every now and then!

Davod Dren

Jan 28, 2021
I'll add pictures and that in the future, for now its gonna be like this because I'm relatively lazy


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Aug 10, 2019
is this a joke?

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