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    Non-Canon jamanasi- the infected city

    Other than the issue that's been pointed out - there's others that need to be addressed. For something of this scale, this would need to be revisited to involve a more cohesive storyline and a much broader description of the region and the events that lead to an entire city being virtually...
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    Bikini Bottom (Lore Map Suggestion)

    There are now and they're going to take pictures of the Krusty Krab and Plankton will forge them into great war machines of doom.
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    Bikini Bottom (Lore Map Suggestion)

    Sadly the super-ultra-mega-underwater scanners will know of Bakini Bottom and it is only a matter of time before the big grubby alienz enslave the poor fishies. Do not fret, I'm sure Patrick will be able to keep everything secret as the main Counter-Intelligence Officer, for as long as Aspect is...
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    Bikini Bottom (Lore Map Suggestion)

    Hi Generic, I think this is the greatest lore submission I have ever in my entire life had the pleasure of feasting my eyes on. We even have plans on making Squidward an advisor and the character Mister Krabs as the head of finance within the Chamber that Binds while Plankton funds the...
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    Nice to see you all again...

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